Thursday, February 12, 2009

Partnership Agreement with Atlas

Today we finalized our agreement with Atlas Corporation to get their shape files for the West Bank in exchange for updating them with recent satellite imagery and field surveys. Atlas Corporation is a private company, the largest land survey and map-making company in the West Bank. We approached them a month ago with this idea and after obtaining a sample of their data and updating it for them as an example of our work, they were happy to approve the deal.

Even though adding this new data load to our already demanding timeline does not make things easier for us, it makes JumpStart's map much more accurate and improves our map-making protocol for future endeavors.

Jamal Jumaa, General Manager of Atlas Corporation, and Christopher Weaver, Program Manager for JumpStart

1 comment:

  1. All the respect to the hard work But the data is not accurate - the err range between 5 Meter to 60 Meters comparing with the Accurate Aerial photos with the same dates you finished your projects
    Best regards
    Palestine data accuracy Comitee