Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Gaza field teams have finished their seven weeks of hard work and they've collected a whole lot of data! 13,706 road segments to be exact, and 2,344 points of interest.

Jeff Haack and Project Coordinator Montaser Bakroun review the data
with mappers Abd Alkareem Aloul and Mohammed Elhessy

Mohammed Elhessy (pictured above) wrote a small software program to help keep track of all the teams work. It enables the guys to run searches and see which teams completed each area and other information about their work. The energy that these guys devoted to this project has been fantastic. They've gone above and beyond what was asked of them.

Having finished the project it was time for some fun on the beach. A special thanks to our kite-making friends in Jordan!


  1. really it was a wonderful project

    thanks for JumpStart

  2. I agree its wonderfull job and hard work But QUALITY NOT QUANTITY
    DATA IS SHIFTED from 5 to 60 Meters.
    download it & Check it up you