Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Training Launched in Gori

JumpStart’s public domain mapping project in the Shida Kartli region of Georgia began on Monday. During a week of training, community organizers will explore various topics, including community-based Wiki development, GPS mapping, volunteer organization and planning. During the course of the training organizers will make plans to implement the two-month public domain project. The week will be capped by a Gori mapping party on Saturday, where volunteers will get a first taste of the project and with luck, Gori will be mapped! Work in Shida Kartli will be conducted on JumpStart’s public domain server, and as regions are completed they will be imported into OpenStreetMap.

During the course of the project, organizers will also offer trainings and promote community mapping beyond Shida Kartli. As the regional map data improves, we’ll also explore practical applications of the data in the Caucasus and promote trainings on the side of technical development and use of open data.

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